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Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

How to Book Your Wedding cake

You can book your wedding cake with me via email, through the contact form on this website. I am happy to work over email.

Alternatively a wedding cake consultation session is a fab chance for us to have a good chat about your wedding cake design over a cup of tea! You can sample the cake flavours that I offer, look at my display cakes​, and we can have a good chat about your wedding cake design and budget. I will draw up an initial design with you there and then.

This is charged at £15, which if you book with me is then deducted from your final cake price.

Prices and Portions

Each cake is unique- no two are the same and price depends on complexity of the design.

Here is a guide for you to help make things a little easier:

Celebration cakes:
Small 6". From £65 - Serves 10-12

Medium 8". From £75. Serves 20-25

2 Tiers (8" and 6") From £120 - Serves 35-40

Standard 3 tiers (10", 8", 6") From £250 Serves approx 70.


Iced Wedding cakes:
From £200 for 2 tiers
From £300 for 3 tiers
From £400 for 4 tiers 

Semi Naked cakes:
Standard 2 tier semi naked cake. Serves 60. From £155
Small 3 tier semi naked cake. Serves 75. From £230
Standard 3 tier semi naked cake. Serves 120. From £265.
Standard 4 tier semi naked cake. Serves 130. From £300

Semi naked/iced combinations available- please enquire for more details.

Wedding cakes size guide
Standard 2 tier: 10" and 8" round cakes. Serves 60.
Small 3 tier: 10", 8" and 6" round cakes. Serves 75.
Standard 3 tier: 12", 10" and 8" round cakes. Serves 120.
Standard 4 tier: 12", 10",8"and 6" round cakes. Serves 130.

Our sponge cakes are 4″ tall with 3 layers of sponge and 2 layers of filling.

Traditionally fruit cakes are cut as a ‘finger portion’ 1″x1″ while sponge cake is double the size at 2″x1″. The servings that are on this website are based upon sponge cake 2" x 1" portions. 

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